We are here to help you find the right yacht and facilitate all aspects of planning, with no additional costs for our services.   We have access to a wide range of yachts that would otherwise take you weeks (or even months) to filter through.  We are here to manage all the elements of the process so that you can enjoy the results. 

Your personal, advisory service.

Think of us as your personal assistant/ advisory/ support team. 

We are also the liaison between a yacht and yourself in arrangements, questions, and communications. 

As your representative, we guide you through the legal aspects and negotiations with advice to protect you. 

We have developed excellent relationships over the years which are keys to successful results. 

Our goal is to make sure that everything runs smoothly from our first introduction and through each of your returning trips or to acquiring your new yacht. 

We are an end-to-end service, working in your best interests. 

Tailored to you

We make all the arrangements pursuant to your specifications for charter or purchase and coordinate with the necessary contributors to materialise your vision.  

You share your vision with us for your quintessential vacation or corporate event and we present you with a package of possibilities. Coordinating all aspects of your trip to personalise it from the prefered flowers, food and drinks, to the activities, itineraries and restaurant recommendations. 

Depending on your intended use of your new yacht, according to your budget and personal yachting lifestyle, we guide you in the journey of ownership. 

We propose solutions to make for a smooth transition into owning a yacht while ensuring that all your expectations are exceeded. 

Why Us?

CHARTER: As former yacht crew ourselves and having managed successful charter yachts for three decades combined, we are delighted to be here for you from this side of the industry.  We have a personal understanding of hosting Guest experiences onboard during a charter and an in-depth understanding of what it takes to make a charter successful. With our connections, built over many years, we are able to source a wide selection of yachts to suit you personal preferences and specifications. 

PURCHASE: Our comprehension of what makes a good yacht is interpreted from many years of practical exposure to usage of space, value for money, engineering perspectives, running costs, practical design elements and many more factors to take into consideration as a first-time or seasoned owner. Continuing to build excellent relationships with Clients and collaborating with complementary companies aligned with the industry is an important part of our vision. Truly understanding what is required to achieve bespoke results, is what sets us apart.

We maintain genuine, strong and ongoing relationships with former Crew, Clients, Surveyors, Brokerages and other Key Players in the industry which is positive proof of our ongoing adherence to our values.