We recognise the significance of your investment in a new build project. Your assurance depends on having a representative who shares your priorities and is dedicated to the success of your project, with commitment to avoiding conflicts of interest


Transparent Cost Structure:
– Our services are of no additional costs to you.

Conflicts of Interest Mitigation:
– Our external standpoint eliminates internal biases. Your interests are
paramount, and our sole dedication is to fulfil your project requirements.

Objective Builder Selection:
– Our commitment lies in aligning your vision with the most suitable
builder, whether for private use or charter purposes. Unbiased
representation is our forte.

Technical Expertise Advantage:
– Benefit from our extensive technical knowledge, providing a
comprehensive perspective on various aspects, from the intricacies of
design to the practical considerations for your vessels.

Exclusivity in New Build Projects:
– Engage in the precision of new builds alongside dedicated owner
representatives and surveyors. This ensures meticulous attention to
technical specifications, on-site representation, and seamless final delivery acceptance.