Why Charter?

Chartering a yacht gives you the best of everything! 

You could wake up in a new destination every day, have a dedicated cook or chef to create unique dishes based on your preferences and there are activities on offer (both on and off the yacht) to keep all guests happy.  You also have a dedicated and professional yacht crew that are there to make your trip a bespoke experience!

Yacht Selection

Our first step is to take a brief based on your dates, number of guests, budget, your preferred destination and any other specific requirements. We then propose a Yacht Selection, highlighting suitable yachts according to your preferences.

Once you have chosen your ideal yacht, we can secure a Charter Agreement.

Where to next?

In collaboration with the yacht crew we personalise your itinerary based on the activities that you prefer. Celebrations, sightseeing, water sports, onboard lounging, beaches, tours and savouring onshore local, culinary delights.

You tell us how you would like to spend your time and we’ll show you the best places and ways to do it.


In this video we explain how to charter a yacht. Giverny Jade – Head of Charter for Mortlock Yachts answers common questions and tells us exactly what to expect. 


Why Buy A Yacht?

If you asked any yacht owner why they bought their yacht, the most common response would probably be about the incredible memories they’ve had together onboard as a family. Traveling to various countries and waking up in new places every day would come in at a close second. These are both very valid points but they could apply to chartering a yacht too. 

So what is the benefit of ownership?

It’s YOURS….to design, customise and use as you want. Do you want to keep it private and spend your summers on board or come and go when you please? You can do that when you own it. It’s much like having a holiday home at your disposal however this holiday home is the “crème de la crème” as you can travel to whichever destinations you would like to. Every month you could discover a new country if that’s how you would like to enjoy your holiday.

Another element of yacht ownership is the crew. Having a crew that you have chosen allows for relationships to be built in a way that truly gives you that ‘home-away-from-home’ feeling.  Happy crew will stay with you for years and will take care of your yacht with personal pride. 

One of the many appealing things about owning a yacht would be privacy and personalisation. You can arrive to the yacht, already set up with all your summer belongings and find an isolated bay to get away from it all. 

Who wouldn’t want a private, floating, luxury holiday home at their disposal?

Yacht Selection

Based on how you intend to use your yacht and design elements that you are looking for, we will suggest various options that would be suitable for your requirements. We do the research according to your budget and gather all the relevant information in a summarised proposal for you. 

Professional guidance

Once you have chosen your ideal yacht, we take over the administrative side of things. We give guidance and represent you during the surveys, sea trial, and legalities to make the purchase process as seamless as possible.