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With a unique blend of hands-on experience and commitment to excellence, we transform your yachting journey into a lasting and satisfying relationship, ensuring distinction in every aspect of your maritime experience.

Where we’re from…

Welcome to Mortlock Yachts, where our story unfolds with a
visionary goal – to redefine yachting services. At the helm
are founders, a seasoned, former Captain and Chief
Stewardess, boasting over 30 years of on-board experience.
This dynamic duo sets the stage for Mortlock Yachts to be
your personal concierge to the essence of the yachting
lifestyle. Our team, a fusion of youthful energy and profound
expertise, draws strength not only from on-board knowledge
but also from an extensive network within the maritime

Our narrative extends digitally through the Super Yacht
Captain (SYC) YouTube Channel, a sister company founded
by the visionary behind Mortlock Yachts. The channel
originated from a commitment to providing exceptional
service, capturing and digitising memories for charter
Guests. Behind-the-scenes videography transformed into a
YouTube channel, aiming to educate yachting enthusiasts
and crew members while offering a glimpse into the
luxurious world of yachting

Where we’re going…

In charting the course for our company’s future, Mortlock
Yachts distinguishes itself through a commitment to hands-on, practical insights. Fusing practicality with aesthetics,
honed through the adept management of successful charter
yachts, we are your esteemed partner for sales, purchases,
charters, yacht management, and charter management.
Mortlock Yachts takes an avant-garde approach to engaging
its audience by leveraging collaborations, complemented by
the use of traditional methods that have proven successful.

Collaborations surpass partnerships; they are synergies that
elevate the yachting experience. With walkthrough videos
and behind-the-scenes glimpses, SYC immerses 200,000+
yacht enthusiasts in the luxury defining the yachting lifestyle.

We extend an invitation to embark on a journey where luxury,
service, functionality, hospitality and expertise seamlessly